Brown Butter ChoChip Cookies: Recipe Review, Tweak, and Life!

Cookies and Milk in a wine glass babe: symbolism anyone? OMG–Look at that photo. WOW O.O <–my face when I’m awed by my own powers of manipulation. Now, I wouldn’t exactly say there’s any “clarity,” with the photo. I have an older camera which tends to pixealize things as one “zooms,” in. But seriously, I’m […]

担担面 Dan Dan Mian

Dan Dan Mian, or Dan Dan Noodles, are, perhaps, the most unphotogentic noodles I’ve ever had the frustration of snapping a picture of. In my opinion they look downright messy from every angle, in every lighting, and in every bowl. Though, don’t yet their ugly-osity fool you—these noodles are packed with flavor, absolutely delicious (’til […]

Split Pea Soup–I mean, “Stew”

I have no sense of temporal eating (temporal, as in “temperature,” because they didn’t have a word that ends in “al” for it, pooey ‘’-_-, so I decided to make one up, as it were. Or, more accurately, use one preexisting word incorrectly). As the seasons change, I’ll likely still be eating ice cream even […]

麻婆豆腐 <3 Mapo Tofu

So I was watching the anime Angel Beats with my brother one day, when one of the characters picks up a meal card for the “infamous mapo tofu” that’s so ridiculously spicy it makes you cry.  It looks like this: Angel Beats–“Mapo Tofu” And mine, looks like this: Mapo Tofu, or Mapo Doufu as I […]

Banana Cakes with Green Tea Butter Cream

Lovely! (though everyone says the green frosting looks like dog poo….(-_-;)…) So I’ve been a total scrooge this Christmas. I dunno’ what is up with me and holiday spirit, but I just don’t have it. It annoys me beyond belief when I’m watching my favorite TV shows in the dead heat of summer (cause I’m […]