The Blog: A friend once described me as an egg with my little yellow yolk in the center, and all the white bits spreading out in every which direction: I have many passions, many hobbies, and TOO many thoughts about all such things.  I realized then that, like an English essay, if I’m all over the place, no one will get nor enjoy reading my paper—thus if I’m all over the place on my blog, no one will read my blog. SHOCKER! Thus the purpose of this blog is to write.Though here are two points of interest which I will post regularly about:

  •  Food (recipes!) especially Chinese food; found under, Skye Makes Yummys
  •  Musings about life and stuff: poems, fictions, essays, etc.

The Blogger: Skye is a college student majoring in English.  She wants to teach so she can talk about Buffy The Vampire Slayer all day long (and help people to become better at writing and expressing themselves and stuff). When she isn’t talking to herself in English, she has been known to talk to herself in Chinese.  She eats a lot of Peanut Butter and Mango-Butter-Fig-Butter-Honey-Butter-Any-Trader-Joes-Butter Sandwiches. She also drinks a lot of tea and has been known to bounce around, laugh like a loon, and talk like Mordin from Mass Effect 2 if she’s had too much caffeine.  She likes making list, and when the guy starts falling for the girl in shojo manga. Her last diary was mostly filled with list of foods she’s eaten. She loves her friends and family. ❤