Brown Butter ChoChip Cookies: Recipe Review, Tweak, and Life!

Cookies and Milk in a wine glass babe: symbolism anyone?

OMG–Look at that photo.

WOW O.O <–my face when I’m awed by my own powers of manipulation.

Now, I wouldn’t exactly say there’s any “clarity,” with the photo. I have an older camera which tends to pixealize things as one “zooms,” in. But seriously, I’m pretty proud of this.

I’m usually one who enjoys doing recipe originals–or at least, that’s what I’d like to think I do on this website. Bestfriend told me that no recipes are truly original…I mean, how many TOTALLY different kinds of chocolate chip cookies can you really have….But it’s hard, when you’re not a trained culinary professional who went to Le Cordon Blu in France or whatevs… in My Dream Cook Land, chefs are supposed to have developed their taste buds to the extent that they can detect the slightest smidgen of ginger in…well something that isn’t supposed to taste like ginger. Can I do this? No….but that’s okay.  ‘Kinda’ like that kid on Yume Patisserie. Ya know, that magical girl anime about that wanna be baker… (^^”)?

ANYwhoses, so I was having a poopy day–work and personal stress combined with an ill-timed cup of coffee kept me up all night. So here I am writing this blog entry at 5:44AM. Usually, when I’m upset about things [vauge] I write about then… or talk about them. EXCESSIVELY talk about them sometimes, much to the tune-out-age of my friends and family. XD But today, I just felt like doing something manual…something that kept my hands busy and my mind preoccupied with what my hands are doing.

There’s this little anecdote  from one of my favorite Korean Dramas, My Lovely Sam Soon/My Name is Kim Sam Soon:

“One day, the body asked the heart, ”The doctor cures me when I’m hurt, but who cures you when you’re hurt?’ ‘The heart answered, ‘I have to cure myself.’ Maybe that’s why, but everyone has their own way of healing their hearts. They drink, sing, get angry, laugh, and cry. They pour their hearts out to friends, go on trips, run marathons…the worst remedy is to ignore the pain. My remedy is to bake cakes and cookies at dawn. When father died suddenly, when love came to an end, when I lost my job…I got up at the crack of dawn and baked cakes…and the aroma of freshly baked cakes comforted me. Isn’t this the sweetest remedy in the world?”-Kim Sam Soon

 And it is…

The scene in which she recounts this tale, Sam Soon is in her company’s kitchen baking some sort of round bitter cakes. She’s alone. Lately in life, I’ve been surrounded by people–people I love, and people I never thought I’d know. Kids, teachers, parents, old friends, people who I used to think didn’t like me, all of a sudden seem to really value and respect the things I have to say. It’s such a shock to me, being who I am…or was.

Like I said–sometimes just talking,  sometimes you just need to do something. And that something in my case just happened to be bake at close to the next morning.

So I made these Sugar Cookies with Brown Butter a while back for one of the kids I work with’s birthday party, and they were just….yum. So I was looking around for ChoChip Cookie recipes that also utilized the brown butter that had made my sugar cookies taste like delicious heart attacks on a plate (boy do I need to lighten up a little…=P). I ended up using this recipe from Sweet Peony for Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies–and Ms. Peony does not lie: these cookies are probably one of the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever made.

I gave The Kid I Babysit a preview of this post, before I posted it and she asked me: what’s brown butter? So, for those of you that don’t know. Browning butter is essential a process by which one kinda’ caramelizes the milk in the butter. It has a very rich, nutty, caramel like (omg, lacking vocabulary) smell to it which makes the cookies taste extra delicious!

I made the recipe once before–following instructions to a T, but for my midnight-cookie-making-madness decided to tweak it just a little and add oatmeal  I have this other kid whom I work with who claims to make the best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie. I’ve never tasted his cookies, but right now, I beg to differ little one. Mwahahha.



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